Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My LIFE magazine collection - November 30, 1962

"7 Sid Caesars In A Wacky Show, Caesar's many roles in the new Broadway musical, 'Little Me'" grace the front page along with "A Glorious Opera, Rigoletto in 12 exciting paintings".

A "bold, beautiful Buick" from 1963, the size of the Lusitania, is one of the first interior ads.

An editorial is "seeking a tax cut that makes sense" comes up. The percentage of federal revenue from direct income taxes is at 83.4% in the US and the second leading country is New Zealand at 66.5%. In the previous year the top tax bracket of 91% of incomes over $200,000 only produced 14% of the total tax revenue from income. In 1902 there was no income tax and the US got 99% of its taxes from consumption taxes. Last year that figure was only 15% as compared to Switzerland's and Great Britain's 50 and 41% respectively.

WOW. Look at the size of the Chrysler Imperial!

A big article on the despotic, "The Rich, Royal Way of King Saud", his over 60 offspring and the more than 2,000 resultant princes.

"Up High, Up Front In An Inscrutable War" chronicles the continuing war between India and Red China. Sub-heading on the next page is, "Cruel Test for The Jawan and His Aging Weapons". Then, on another page, "Even Nehru Agrees- A Long Battle Ahead". Anyone remember Nehru? How about the Nehru Jacket I wore in the 1960's?

Then "Fire and death in a fearsome week at sea" about the many sea disasters that week and the hundreds that died.

Charlie Chaplin's pretty daughter hopes to dance to fame.

King Gustav VI of Sweden turns 80.

Lucille Ball pretends to be Charlie Chaplin as "The Little Tramp".

Greta Garbo gets away from it all, almost, with a young stud who looks an awful lot to me like George Peppard.

Lord Snowden visits the set of that depressing movie, The Victors. That really made me sick when I was a kid and watched it, especially the end.

"The Passing of the great Niels Bohr" is lamented.

"Want to buy a moon?" Lawn ornaments.

Frank Boyden has been a "friend to boys for sixty years" at Deefield Academy. (not a pervert either)

"Rigoletto, the memorable moments of an immortal opera". Some pretty impressive paintings.

There is a phony letter from the Cassius Clay that the boxer was named after, sort of fatherly advice. Its interesting seeing as Muhammed Ali recently acknowledged his Irish ancestry by visiting his ancestral home in Ireland.

"The Two Lives of Robert McNamara", a story way before he did his worst damage.

"Rack it up for the girls" about women pool players.

"Make Way for Clowns Crazy and Classy" about Sid Caesar's riot of roles.

"A Busy Comic Kingpin" about Anthony Newley and his one man (and many women) show. They mention his hit single, "What Kind of Fool Am I?"

"A Hilariously Lunatic Fringe" showcases Dudley Moore and his partner Peter Cook in their revue, "Beyond the Fringe", long before the movie "10". Way long before.

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