Friday, December 18, 2009

My LIFE magazine collection - November 16, 1962

The front page has a picture of a serious looking Indian soldier on it peering over a sandbag or some embankment. It says, "WAR IN INDIA". Down at the bottom it says "Indian Soldier Ready For Battle".

Another article advertised is "Why Good Teachers Quit"

Still another says "The Men Who Got The Votes"

On the inside of the front cover are advertisments for Clairol hair coloring and for Listerine.

Isn't it interesting how crises can work to a president's advantage as President Kennedy's party didn't bomb out in the mid-terms, the first time since 1934, probably because of the Cuban Missile Crisis (in which, if you remember, he almost got us into World War Three. Fortunately Kruschev realized what an amateur he was and a danger. We have Kruschev more to thank for averting the end of civilization than we do Mr. PT109.)

Still, the Republicans did well.

Valdese, North Carolina industry, (most of which is gone now), suffered a "phase reversal" due to a mistake by the power comany, Duke, and machinery started running backwards. It was a Twilight Zone sort of thing.

In spite of the Dems victories, GOP Governors Scranton of Pa., Romney of Michigan, and Rockefeller of NY are poised to be the Republican contenders in 1964. Mitt Romney's father gets a nice write up.

A handsome Ted (Teddy the Bear) Kennedy enjoyed a landslide win in Mass.

An impressive article on Red China's war with India follows. It seems everyone in India, women included, are drilling to fight to protect the homeland.

Eleanor Roosevelt dies, "A Great Lady is Dead".

Did I ever tell you that Newport refreshes while you smoke?

These aren't cars, they're battleships on wheels.

"Hit and Run to Cuba with Alpha 66", a story about an abortive raid on the communist island.

Connecticut' s First Annual Hartford County Old-Fashioned Firemen's Muster parade is covered. Cute.

"Here's how to make 4 great drinks."

"Big Call for Antique Phones". Of course, they can't show the phones without a hot mama dressed in lingerie?

Tommy Myers, Northwestern' s quarterback is an "Ice-Cold Hero with a Hot Arm".

A story about supersalesman, Vic Sabatino; "A modern parable: Vic Sabatino's fierce vision of money and power, THE LASH OF SUCCESS". By the way, he lost everything that was important, his wife and daughter, but in the 1962 world he came out a winner because he kept his 16 stores profitable.

"Bring 'em Back Dancing" has dance historian, Katherine Dunham, bringing West Africans to America as she studies the origins of dance for her new Broadway show 'Bamboche'.

"They can't take the system - and you can't blame them, How We Drive Teachers To Quit". 125,000 public school teachers will quit in 1962. School boards hire administration that care only about pleasing the school boards, looking over the shoulders of the teachers and constantly criticizing, and just bureaucratic nonsense. Sound familiar teachers? Has anything changed?

Nature lovers offering "help in a Flamingo calamity" in Africa.

The Spanish Riding Academy in Vienna and "Some Remarkable Animals Pace a Brace of Films" if you remember Disney's 'The Miracle of the White Stallions" and the French cartoon "Gay Purr-ee"

"A Cuddly Beast Off-Camera for a Jungle Role" has a 550 pound Lion named Zamba, acting like a kitty cat for 12 year old Pamela Franklin playing in the movie, "The Lion". Seriously, this is off camera, she is hugging the lion and he looks absolutely in ecstasy at the attention. She says he was so sweet to work with.

Jimmy Durante costars with an elephant.

Finally, a photo of a football practice makes a player look like he has no head. Just for kicks.

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