Thursday, December 10, 2009

My LIFE magazine collection - March 12, 1956

This was the day I was born. Eisenhower is on the cover with his fedora over his
heart, standing at attention, announcing his candidacy for another term. The
magazine cost 20 cents.

On the inside cover is an advertisement for Studebaker, craftsmanship with a

Stories include "A Leap Year Guide: Where To Find Men" and a story about the new
boom town of Scottsdale, Arizona. Hey, they even have AC there.

Plus, Arthur Barry, the famous "second story man" spills his guts about the
thieving trade.

Did you know that Marilyn wore her shoulders straps in three ways. All three of
them look pretty darn good to me.

You know, "Chevrolet Power Steering is the best buy my wife ever talked me

Eugene O'Neill would allow the play about his own family, "Long Day's Journey
Into Night" to be performed until after he died. Two years later it is performed
in Stockholm and everyone knows why. It "inspires terror and pity".

Pancho Gonzales has a 100 mile per hour serve.

The Tenth Special Forces Group trains in their "Green Berets" in Germany for
figthing behind the lines.

Who today ever heard of Glen Gould, piano virtuoso from Canada?

Hey, "Light up a Lucky- it's light-up time.!"

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