Saturday, December 12, 2009

My LIFE magazine collection - August 17, 1962

Marilyn Monroe is on the cover under a title "Memories of Marilyn".

Inside "Viceroy's got the taste that's right!" as a pretty blonde surrounded by buff lifeguards lighting her up implies, well, you figure it out.

Minas Nicolaides is Greater Miami's one millionth resident.

"The old Kentucky practice is called "stalking the ricks" (an ad for Canada Dry Bourbon).

An ad showing a Volkswagon up on the rack and asking "Why are the wheels crooked?" goes on to describe a split rear axle.

ESSO Oil provides the energy of 14 Grand Coulee Dams per day.

Science finds new clues to the Mysteries of Lightning's Fearsome Bolts.

Alexander Wiley, senior Republican in the Senate, blows a mean trombone.

NASA's three story tall "doughnut" might be America's first sizable space station.

A veteran French Army dog parachutist slips out of his harness and plunges to his death. Scary and sad pic.

Joe Dimaggio's grief is so real and painful in the picture with his Marine son after Marilyn's funeral.


Mantegna, Impassioned and irascible pioneer of Renaissance Art. A lot of paintings. Very good article.

Remember Marilyn. Many glamour shots masking her pain.

The Antic Magic of Central Park.

A Bouquet of Blossoming Blondes. Shirley Knight, Joan Freeman, Carole Wells, Stella Stevens. I only ever heard of Stella. They're all old ladies now.

Finishing up with "The World Agrees on Gilbey's, please!"

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