Friday, December 11, 2009

My LIFE magazine collection - April 6, 1962

The cover says "Special Issue" and offers an article entitled, "YOUR MONEY, How To: Stretch It, Spend It, Save It, and Survive Without It". The magazine costs 20 cents.

On the inside cover "York", the "first Imperial-size Cigarette!" is advertised.

The hair styles are wild. Did you know that King Sano...was "America's purest tobacco taste"?

Ever hear of a Polaroid Land Camera?

"Does she or doesn't she?"

I didn't know Chrysler offered America's first gas turbine cars. What's a gas turbine?

Now, we have an article lamenting "The No-Longer Almighty Dollar", and telling us that our imports in 1961 were $15 billion and our exports were $20 billion. This couple they are following have a 1957 car with payments of $37 per month. The husband is a designer at a company called Franklin Electric and makes $511 per month. They own a house with their take home pay of $375. But, wait, the misses brings home $15 a week babysitting. They're gonna buy a bigger house for their family. Some of the really nice ones they're looking at cost as much as $35,000! Wow! Highway Robbery!

The Ford Falcon Sports Futura. Now that's a classy car.

"Newport refreshes while you smoke."

Emile Griffith gave Benny Paret a brain hemorrhage. Benny didn't want to fight the great fighter but needed the money, $50,000. The odds against him winning the fight were 7-2. At the time of the writing the odds of him ever being a normal human again were 10,000 to one. The Cuban fighter died on April 3 but the mag must have gone to press before he died.

Looks like the whole issue was about hanging onto your money unless you wanted to buy a car, cigarettes, or whiskey.

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