Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My LIFE magazine collection - August 10, 1962

Janet Leigh is on the front cover wearing a stack of Lodge type Fez hats. Her hair is black.

The main story is "The Full Story of The Drug Thalidomide, The 5,000 Deformed Babies...The Woman Who Saved Thousands...The Moral Questions of Abortion and Euthanasia"

A side story is "Too Many Subteens Grow Up Too Soon and Too Fast, Fancy Hairdos, Adult Make-up, Sensual Dancing, and Necking"

Also this week: "FDR's Naval Art Collection, with Text and Captions by JFK." plus "The Jekyll and Hyde of Bucking Broncos".

Oh, look, a cordless power drill. Wonder of wonders, made possible by a new kind of battery.

An auto seat belt could save your life.

An article on the Thalidomide scare entitled "Abortion - with the future dim, should the unborn die?"

Then another about people who wanted their children no matter what the outcome, "Euthanasia - Should One Kill a Child in Mercy or is life, However hard, too dear to lose?"

Then, Janet Leigh, the "belle of the ball', an article about the shooting of the film musical, "Bye Bye Birdie", and there's shockingly a lot of flesh.

An article on Ian Fleming, "The Master of Agent 007".

"Boys and Girls Too Old Too Soon'

Then Dexter, The "Docile Fellow Cowboys Can't Ride".

Lots of cool naval paintings owned by FDR with an article about them written by JFK.

Another great issue, only 20 cents.

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