Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Latest Reading

The Elite, The Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service, by Barbara Cole, Three Knights Publishing, South Africa, 1984. This is another incredible story about the brave nation that fought a two front hot war in the Cold War, taking on the proxies of Red China and the Soviet Union and being betrayed by the United States and Great Britain. The brave Rhodesians, black and white, fought to protect their beloved country from terrorists but were undermined by a hypocritical and self righteous west and the communist bloc nations that had their sights set on its destruction. The evil tyrant Mugabe has the US and Great Britain as well as his patron country, Communist China, to thank for his opportunity to destroy a once successful and proud nation. This is a great read and will really inspire anyone who admires bravery and deterimination and humor against incredible odds.

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