Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Latest Reading

Selous Scouts Top Secret War by Peter Stiff as told to him by Lt. Col. Ron Reid Daly, Galago Publishing, South Africa, 1982. This remarkable and truly amazing book recounts the exploits of the famed Selous Scouts of the long Rhodesian War against the Chinese Communist backed Robert Mugabe and his ZANLA and the Soviet backed Joshua Nkomo and his ZIPRA communist forces. It is a the story of the black and white soldiers of Rhodesia who fought fearlessly against not only communism but against the world's rebuke. It was not enough that black and white could work and livetogether in Rhodesia. The world would not accept anything less than a communist victory and the United States was just as guilty as Great Britain in this great travesty. I want to end my review with the comments by Lt. Col. Daly regarding his African troops. "Certainly, I can categorically say now, I have nothing but the utmost admiration for the African soldier, and this includes many of the so called tame terrorists I later commanded, who proved to be fine soldiers indeed, and I shall always count myself as fortunate, and I am certainly proud, to have commanded them." Definitely a must read if you can get the book.

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