Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another memorable quote from a book I am reading

I was really impressed with this quote by Lt. Col. Ron Reid Daly as told to Peter Stiff in the book, "Selous Scouts Top Secret War", as he began his time of forming the scouts from the native Rhodesian African Rifles and former terrorists who had renounced communism, found on page 91...

"What impressed me most was the immensely close sense of comradeship which was evident between the Europeans and the Africans. There was no racial discrimination whatsoever...the atmosphere was one of an easy, almost casual mutual respect and there was no doubt that they all trusted and had a high regard for each other, and that this cut right through racial lines.
I determined then and there that this was how the Selous Scouts must continue to be ...where men were men and neither race nor colour made a jot of difference."

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