Sunday, December 7, 2008

Latest Reading

Heroes, Rogues, and Lovers, Testosterone and Behavior, by James McBrideDabbs with Mary Godwin Dabbs, McGraw-Hill, 2000. This is a book with aninteresting subject matter but not written in a way that leads one tofinish it quickly. It focuses way too much on theory and doesn't availitself of enough solid conclusions drawn from the evidence it presents.Although it does help explain some of the biological reasons why I'mbald and why I have always loved violence and tended toward aparticular type of sin, the researcher lacks the courage (or thetestosterone) to make any definitive statements that are helpful. Infact, he tends to muddy the water with his constant harping ontheoretical constructs that are meaningless. Will certain scientistsever learn that hiding behind unproveable hypotheses is no differentfrom a religious person blaming everything on God? But, it is worth alook.

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