Monday, December 1, 2008

Latest Reading

Gods Of The Word, Archetypes in the Consonants, by Margaret Magnus, computational linguist, (, Thomas Jefferson University Press, 1999. This is a fascinating book on the power and meaning of individual letters and sounds in the English Language. This is an amazing book with the results of some very in depth research and although Ms. Magnus is probably completely unaware of this, her findings further prove, scientifically, the divine inspiration of the King James Bible. Because her discovery of the meanings in individual sounds and words and letters of the English language corresponds almost exactly to their usage in the Authorized Version of the Bible. As the translators did not have a computer and their notes don't reveal this knowledge, it is highly unlikely that they invented these amazing connections without the help of a great super-intelligence, who would just happen to be the God who created us. Contrasting her research with a letter by letter review of the Bible (inasmuch as I could) has been very exciting and rewarding for me.

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