Friday, February 29, 2008

Latest Reading

Back Door to War, Roosevelt Foreign Policy, 1933-1941 by Charles Callan Tansil, Henry Regnery Company, 1952.
This book is a classic. Using government archives and Congressional investigatory minutes among other sources, Tansil shows how World War 2 was largely the result of American Foreign Policy from President Wilson and the Versailles Treaty, which created Hitler, to FDR's collusion with the communists in China and with the Soviet Union. Even when Hitler and Japan offered great concessions to maintain peace with the USA, FDR deliberately propelled us down the road to war. FDR was clearly an American dictator who lied and was willing to scheme his way into history. He insisted on supporting a corrupt, incompetent and dying British Empire, lying to them to get them into war with Germany, and supported the corrupt regime of Chiang Kai-Shek in China. He was pro-Soviet Union and did everything within his power to support Stalin, as well. FDR's vision was a global government dominated by a socialist United States. Japan and Germany were the only impediments to the worldwide struggle which ensued between the inheritors of FDR's corrupt foreign policy and the USSR.
To think of how many Jews, how may American boys, and how many people in the world who would not have been brutally murdered if FDR had not supported the Versailles travesty, corrupt governments in China and the Soviet Union, and the bankrupt British Empire staggers the imagination. He was, without question, or worst President.
If you are interested in the truth of history with the villains speaking in their own words then get this book.

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