Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Latest Reading

The World and Its God, by Philip Mauro, New York Gospel Publishing House, 1905. This book is referred to by the late Bob Jones, Sr. in his sermon, "We Faint Not', as one of the books that inspired him. I got it and read it. It's very interesting and a worthwhile read. His biggest topic is the theory of evolution, which the writer believes is disproven in his own day. But, in spite of that bit of misplaced optimism it's very interesting.
Along the same lines is The Evolution Handbook, by Vance Ferrell, published by Evolution Facts, Inc., 2001. If you ever wanted to be armed with information against the theory of evolution by the statements of non-believing scientists this book is a real eye opener. Most of it can be found for free on but I found the book to be easier to read. It's worth the time it takes to get through almost a thousand pages.

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