Saturday, November 6, 2010

Latest Reading

Strange War, Strange Strategy, A General's Report on Vietnam, by Lewis W. Walt, General US Marine Corps, with an introduction by Lyndon B. Johnson, Funk and Wagnalls, New York, 1970. This is without a doubt the absolute best book I have ever read on Vietnam, why we were there, and what we actually did while there. It is written in mid-1970 so it doesn't cover America's betrayal of the Republic of Vietnam when it was finally invaded by ...North Vietnamese Communists in 1975 but everything up to 1970 is covered thoroughly in a way that wasn't reported to us in the newspapers or TV as the communist psy-ops campaign of Dich Van was so successful in this country even as the enemy was soundly defeated on the battlefield. He tells the story about the heroism and sacrifice of the South Vietnamese in their fight against the invasion. Finally, he gives the one statement that really floored me. The United States was not against the reunification of the two Vietnams, only not by invasion or force from the North. This is truly an amazing book and very important to the student of that history. Next to Woodruff's "Unheralded Victory" I recommend this on Vietnam. ...More

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