Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Latest Reading

FDR'S FOLLY, How ROOSEVELT AND HIS NEW DEAL PROLONGED THE GREAT DEPRESSION, by Jim Powell, Three Rivers Press, New York, 2003. From the author of Wilson's War, Post-Modernism for Beginners, and Bully Boy, this excellent book shows the damage done by FDR and his economic and political policies that kept our country in the Great Depression. The facts are the facts and facts are stubborn things. There is no way to excuse FDR's policies other than to say they were a type of madness that comes with being drunk with power in the middle of a catastrophe. There is no comparing President's Obama or Clinton to FDR. FDR was a tyrant and a dictator whose policies and programs we are still suffering from today. Neither Clinton or Obama ever had the opportunity for the unbridled power that FDR had. Every program's error is explained here in vivid detail and backed up by volumes of information. There is simply no way to avoid the fact that FDR was a disaster for America.

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